Florida Foreclosure Law

We aggressively defend foreclosure actions

At the Law Office of Cox & Sanchez, we understand how emotionally and financially devastating a foreclosure can be on your family. At the height of the mortgage meltdown crisis, nearly 45% of Florida homeowners were “underwater” on their mortgage, we are keenly aware of how this crisis affects the individual client and the community as a whole. Our Tampa foreclosure defense attorneys have the knowledge and experience to assist homeowners in their struggles.  As a result of our unwavering commitment to homeowners’ struggles, we are proud to be designated as the official “Financial Crisis Attorneys” by ABC Action News. Why? Because we provide results!

The foreclosure process in Florida is complicated and cumbersome; a virtual minefield fraught with danger – not for the faint of heart.  Our experienced foreclosure defense attorneys counsel you through these tough financial times, and help you understand the alternatives and potential outcomes that are available.

We are committed to engaging our clients through the foreclosure process. We realize it is more than a house; it’s your home.  Your home is usually your most expensive asset and is a cornerstone to the stability of your family: both financially and emotionally.  This fact deepens our resolve and our commitment to your case.  Our first course of action is to explore with you your legal goals, and our legal team will thereafter provide a comprehensive defense strategy and analysis. We will offer suggestions and alternatives, and provide real, actionable answers.  Don’t wait until you are served with a foreclosure; contact our firm for a FREE telephone consultation to discuss your legal issues.

Dedicated foreclosure defense lawyers in Tampa

Cox & Sanchez will explore options including:


Don’t believe what you read in the newspaper or what your neighbor tells you about how foreclosures work.  If you want straight answers from aggressive and knowledgeable attorneys, who will talk with you and not at you, so you understand your legal rights and options, contact Cox & Sanchez.

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