Tampa Mortgage Modification Attorneys

Are you entitled to a mortgage modification?

If you are one of the millions of Florida homeowners who are underwater in their mortgage, but want to stay in their home, then you owe it to your family to schedule a FREE telephone consultation with Cox & Sanchez – as we literally wrote the book on Mortgage Modifications.

Five years ago, Thomas F. Cox understood the depth of the economic destruction that would result in real-estate devaluations.  He consequently wrote one of the first e-books available anywhere on mortgage modifications. A lot has changed since the first publication, with government intervention and programs designed to help the struggling homeowner. But as you know, the mortgage companies continue to scheme and pillage, and leave a path of destruction in their wake like a Florida hurricane.


As you are aware, a mortgage modification is the process by which your mortgage company re-structures your mortgage debt, thus providing you some financial relief. Not all modifications are created equal and it is imperative you understand the various programs available, and the end result of any proposed modification. I’m sure you have heard the horror stories – don’t try this alone; partner up with Cox & Sanchez and evaluate your entitlement to a mortgage modification. In some circumstances, mortgage companies are required to modify your loan under specific guidelines and directives of the HAMP mortgage modification program – part of the government funded Making Home Affordable Programs.

The law firm of Cox & Sanchez is a designated debt relief and HUD Consumer Counselor, and is your advocate in determining modification eligibility and to forcing the mortgage companies into compliance. Our team of mortgage modification analysts and counselors will work hand in hand with you to analyze your eligibility, gather and submit the mandatory documentation and will fight for you to ensure your case is fairly and timely evaluated. Mortgage modifications are not for the faint of heart; you must fully understand the process and procedure.  So before you spend the time, money and effort to pursue this alternative, make sure you are fully informed as to your rights.

In fact, Cox & Sanchez is one of only a handful of law firms throughout the United States who are authorized to utilize a specialized US Treasury Department mortgage modification analytical program called a REST Report.  This specialized report will succinctly and authoritatively examine and determine your entitlement to a mortgage modification. In accordance with HAMP directives, should you have a positive Net Present Value (NPV) analysis and be otherwise eligible under the “waterfall” analysis, the mortgage company MUST modify your loan.  Should your mortgage company fail to approve your modification, Cox & Sanchez will escalate your case directly to the US Treasury Department.

There are essentially 2 types of modification: an in-house and a government backed HAMP. In both instances, you first must meet certain eligibility requirements. As recently as last month, many of the provisions of the modification programs have been changed, expanding the potential eligibility pool and benefits. What you hear from news casts and read in the paper are summaries and interpretations by journalists. To understand the programs and the application of the multitude of programs to your specific case, it is imperative you secure competent legal counsel.


So if you wish to explore mortgage modification as an option, you owe it to your family to get straight answers from the aggressive and knowledgeable attorneys at Cox & Sanchez.

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