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Political Correctness: A Formula for a Weak Nation

by / Monday, 22 September 2014 / Published in Political Correctness, The Blog
political correctness

We live in a sad time. America used to be known for its moxie, courage and strength. However, a disease has permeated America over the last 30 years that has made us a bunch of whimsical pansies: political correctness.

Being PC is a liberal/progressive, feel-good, “we’re your friend and don’t want anyone to ever be offended” political ploy. It molds the weak minded into thinking the left is more in tune with people’s feelings; hence we ought to vote for them. But the sad fact is that it has created a hostile environment where people are afraid to say anything for fear of a lawsuit or public backlash. Moreover, it empowers the government to corral their citizens and make lemmings out of them.

The result has been the desensitizing of two generations, to the point everything is now offensive. If someone says, “I’m offended…” suddenly everything must change! After all, we’ve offended someone.

Hardcore HistoryDan Carlin, host of the Hardcore History podcast, made a great point about this tactic. Genghis Khan and General Erich von Falkenhayn of Germany, during WWI, used this very same tactic, because they knew the people didn’t have the stomach for atrocities; hence they would play on their fears and use public pressure to sway people into conformance. By the time they realized what was happening, well, history tells the story.

Busch Gardens has been put in the spotlight, because one of its staples, Howl-O-Scream, offended some pansy visitors. It seems because ISIS has beheaded two Americans and one Brit, so far, they can’t look at the decapitated heads; which are part of the display. Here’s a novel idea: don’t want to look at it, don’t visit! Why should you ruin the experience everyone else is paying for, because you (an individual) doesn’t like it?

News alert, someone will ALWAYS be offended about everything! Talk about Christ and a lot of people are offended. Speak up for morality and a WHOLE lot of people are offended. Tell the truth about black-on-black crime, or radical Islam and the world is offended, because truth hurts.

ignoranceSo they would rather stick their heads in the sand, ignore all the warning signs and not prepare for an impending doom—because it would be intolerant and offensive to say something. Then when tragedy rolls on them like a mob on Black Friday running into Wal-Mart; they are surprised. “Help us! We need to do something!” they say. Well, it’s too late. When you should have stopped it, so it would not gain momentum and strength, you chose to watch American Idol and The Kardashians, instead of paying attention.

So wake up! Stop letting everyone around you shut you up by making you feel like an oddball, when in reality, the only one making sense, and showing true strength and conviction is the one not willing to play along. Be vigilant. When you see injustice masked as tolerance, speak up. If you don’t, when it comes upon you, there will be no one left to speak up on your behalf. We will have become an even more divided weak house, waiting to implode on itself with just a little nudge. That nudge can be terrorism, political robbery of your constitutional rights or a lie to cover up a crime. Whatever it may be, if your glasses have politically-correct lenses, you will be blindsided and wonder whatever happened to America. Don’t let that happen. You are the guards at the gate.

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