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Okay, it’s time for another rant! This week I met with a client who received a speeding ticket in a little town called Lawtey, Florida. Tickets – usually no big deal. I inquire about the factual circumstances, examine the ticket and review the applicability of the charge to the factual. But, when I dug a

patients and doctor

Am I being a little bit dramatic? Probably. As you really may not need any estate planning documents at all, but I can assure you your family will be eternally grateful to you for properly planning and making their life easier. Let me tell you, I have seen families and fortunes forever lost when someone

mortgage modification

The tweaking and changes keep coming! Of course, branding is everything, so a new booklet’s been created, titled, Your Home Loan Tool Kit.” How quaint. Also, I address the top 5 questions asked about CFPB, so listen to our latest update and learn how to get a copy of the new booklet as well.

CFPB Updates (continued)

Monday, 23 March 2015 by

Listen to our CFPB Rules Update podcast update! More information on changes coming August 1, 2015. Click Here

CFPB Rules Update

Tuesday, 17 March 2015 by
CFPB Rules Update

Listen to our CFPB Rules Update podcast update! These are slated to take affect August 1, 2015. Click Here