Tampa-St. Petersburg Bankruptcy FAQs


An attorney is not required, but filing a bankruptcy claim is a serious and complex decision.  Bankruptcy is not an experience you want to go through alone.  You need experienced counsel to help you make major personal choices.  The lawyers at Cox & Sanchez listen carefully to your financial objectives and help you develop an action plan to meet your goals. Our St. Petersburg bankruptcy law firm advises you which form of bankruptcy is best for you and we present alternatives to bankruptcy, such as direct negotiation with your creditors.

After you have retained a bankruptcy lawyer at Cox & Sanchez, you need to assemble your financial records:

  • A list of all of your creditors and the details of each debt
  • Your last six months of pay stubs
  • Your last three months of bank statements
  • Evidence of other income
    • Unemployment insurance
    • Workers’ compensation
    • Child support
    • Social Security benefits
    • Retirement benefits
    • Inheritance
  • Mortgages and deeds
  • Titles to motor vehicles
  • Tax returns

Information drawn from these records must be entered into various forms. An attorney from Cox & Sanchez fills out these forms for you and files them with the bankruptcy court. Around a month later, you and your lawyer attend a 341 hearing, in which the court-appointed trustee asks you questions about your petition. This is typically the only time you have to make a court appearance.

Yes. In accordance with section 523 of the Bankruptcy Code, certain debts are not eliminated:

  • Domestic support obligations
  • Certain taxes
  • Student loans
  • Claims of fraud
  • Claims of willful injury
  • Substantial purchases made shortly before the bankruptcy filing

An attorney at Cox & Sanchez advises you about managing your debts that cannot be discharged.

In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you usually receive your discharge approximately 120 days after your bankruptcy petition was filed. In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you receive your discharge after you successfully complete your three- to five-year structured repayment plan. The Law Office of Cox & Sanchez helps handle any unforeseen delays in the discharge process.


Get bankruptcy help today

Bankruptcy is our primary area of practice. Our bankruptcy lawyers answer your questions, offer sound legal advice and guide you through the process of recovering from debt. For a free phone consultation about your bankruptcy, contact The Law Office of Cox & Sanchez by calling 727-896-2691 today.

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